Kenna Bump

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the very first wedding couple I ever shot again!  At the time of their wedding, I was just shooting families and some sporting events.  These two were/are very close friends of mine from college and we were there early helping with all their wedding stuff that day when I was thrust to the front lines because their wedding photographer was really late!  I had nothing to lose and they had nothing to lose!  Thus “birthed” our wedding photography business!!!

Nearly a decade later, they are still one of the cutest couples I know!  🙂

KennaMaternity.0002 KennaMaternity.0006 KennaMaternity.0008 KennaMaternity.0014 KennaMaternity.0013 KennaMaternity.0020 KennaMaternity.0018
KennaMaternity.0022 KennaMaternity.0031 KennaMaternity.0033 KennaMaternity.0024 KennaMaternity.0048 KennaMaternity.0054
KennaMaternity.0061 KennaMaternity.0062 KennaMaternity.0069






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