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cheesy as it may sound, these are things people 
have told us about ourselves our entire lives  

here's why it matters to you

"I wish I was         like you; I envy your creativity and the way your expression            "

"I always have so much     when
 I'm with you!"

"It's amazing how            and 
              you are - you really 
don't miss a thing, do you???"

"You're such a genuine person; so          and real.  
It makes it really easy to feel           with you on a         level"

"You are so           I know I can always depend on you!"

"You're really               which makes
people feel so            around yoU!
You make it so easy for me to be myself."  









tells stories.



Kristy + Jason

Kristy + Jason

Branding a business is a strange process - after some soul searching and introspection, we began trying to define ways to convey                            in a tangible way that will help communicate HOW we do WHAT we do and WHY to our potential clients so they can decide whether they think we'd be a good match for them.

So who are we?  We are a young couple with 3 gorgeous kids.  We're responsible (remember that whole thing about how we've kept 3 kids alive for almost a decade!) but we are also really (really) silly.  We are organized, prompt, and professional but definitely don't take ourselves too seriously!  We always try to be innovative and original, embracing new ideas as they come to us and always watching out for opportunities to #capturethat, whatever "that" may be!

Most importantly, we value relationships over anything else in this life!  We always pursue connection and strive to really get to know the people in our lives.  Making sure people around us feel at ease and free to be themselves is important to us and all of this defines our business and directly impacts the images we create and the experience we deliver!

so many photographers create beautiful images
but what is it that sets us apart?


Kristy + Jason

Our why is the meaning behind the wedding. It's about the couple and the couple's marriage. To us, a wedding is more than a wedding. It's a symbol of a couple's love for one another and their commitment to each other. It represents the beginning of a beautiful love story and a start of a new family! It’s a day that couples want to cherish forever and celebrate for a lifetime. And we want to give our couples just that. We want to capture the love, the excitement, the celebration, the details, and all the special moments that make up their wedding day so they can have lasting memories. To us, these just aren’t pictures but memories that our couples will look back on in years to come and keepsakes that will be passed to their future generation!
While the imagery is very importance to us, it's not the only part of our why. We want to be more than photographers and we want to invest into each and every one of our couples by building relationships and being a resource, etc. and we want to somehow impact their future marriage. This is the why that we are currently working on 

so many photographers create beautiful images
but what is it that sets us apart?

Please feel free to email us (or meet with us!) if you have things you want to go over!!!

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Our packages are based 100% from our a-la-carte list with incremented discounts applied at different pricing intervals.  We have simply gathered things that "go together" to help people decide what they might want/need.  The a-la-carte is structured within tiers of different price points so that package items can easily be swapped out for other items or services that may prove more useful to our clients.

If none of the packages we have put together seem particularly useful to you even after some swapping around, you can start from scratch to build your own from the a-la-carte list!  You will enjoy the same incremented discounts at each pricing interval you reach.

our pricing is incredibly flexible and always fair.

Put quite simply: we love to work with people who love our work!   ....Not just the "what" in what we do, but also the "how."  

Because of this, our "target clients" are not defined as such in the traditional sense (i.e. a person willing to invest an amount that falls within a desired price point).    Instead we tend to attract more of a personality-type than a wallet-type.  

This poses a problem: how on earth does one structure pricing that could be flexible enough to accommodate the financial situations of fresh college grads living on Ramen as well as a couple in their mid-30's with established careers and a growing 401-K?

While we're not even really certain we have adequately answered that question, here is what we have come up with over the last 10 years:

who is our target client?

any savvy business owner must begin by asking themselves 
this important question:


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