Hot Yoga. Very Hot Yoga.

So, I was contacted last year (during my really crazy busy season) about doing some freelance work for an up-and-coming local magazine.  I was totally interested, but I didn’t quite have the time to follow up.

Well, they reached out to me again this week because they wanted someone to take photos for (and possibly even nab them a cover photo!!!) for this upcoming edition, and I’m so glad they contacted me!  The new magazine is called “Gloucester County Living” and they are really trying to feature all that our area has to offer us; cool things to do, awesome new businesses, trendy activities, etc.

signOne such topic they are covering in one of their new publications is an activity called “Hot Yoga.”  Sounds sexy, right?  It may actually feel like the farthest thing from it (for women, anyway!  I’m sure guys would love to watch a hot yoga class in action!  lol).

So what’s so hot about “Hot Yoga,” you wonder? […I wondered].  The room!  Hot Yoga takes place in a room set to about 105° Fareinheit!  Yep, you read that right… the sweat starts pooling on your brows just about the moment you step foot into the sauna room.  And…….unfortunately my lens was a bit steamy/sweaty too at first!!!

Here is my first incredibly skilled photo:
fogYep.  That’s why they pay me the big bucks, ladies & gents; please try to contain your “ooh’s” and “aah’s.”  (lol).  Well, at least we made some good small talk while we waited like 15 minutes for my lens to adjust!  Think that photo might make cover???

After nifty fifty (my 50mm lens, for you non-tog readers) and I had time to adjust our tropical rain forest environment, we were able to get some really cool shots!  The women I had the privilege of photographing for the magazine were exceptionally skilled in the art of Yoga.

vanity2no headmy angle on this one kinda cracks me up but it’s seriously crazy they can do this with such ease, isn’t it?

ddAnyone who has tried yoga knows that it’s no joke… it really kicks your butt!  So, if locking in these difficult moves already makes you a sweaty mess, why would anyone get the idea to try striking these poses in 105° heat?

Those who are devoted to this activity claim that it yields all kinds of benefits, some of which include detoxification (heavy sweating = flushing toxins through the skin), helping the body relax (since that’s what our bodies naturally do in excessive heat) which results in easily warming up the muscles so that the postures are easier (and safer) to attain, elevated heart rate (making it better for those who enjoy more intense workouts), and some say it improves their breathing which helps with mental focus and concentration.  Just make sure you’re very well hydrated before you try it!watertriangle

pointI may have found a contender for the cover photo!  We’ll see what the editor thinks!

hot yoga fave4

Anyway, if anyone is interested in checking this place out, the instructor Myya, pictured above in this insane pose, is awesome.  She lives and breathes this stuff and this studio is really pretty remarkable!  waiting roomThe ambiance that greets you when you walk through the door is cozy and calming, the energy of the yo-goers (totally made that up) is friendly and relaxed, the affordability of the classes is surprising… all of it just rocks!  If it seems like something you might be into, I have good friends who swear by it!  (***cough-cough, Janielle Lucas***).

If you follow the link to Laughing Buddha’s website below, you can find all the information you’ll need about classes, pricing, etc — and don’t forget to be on the lookout for the exciting new Gloucester County Living Magazine!!!

As for me, I will definitely be dropping in on a class at Laughing Buddha | Hot Yoga in the very near future, but this time I will leave my camera at home!  (Trust me, no one wants to see that!  I don’t need the whole internet Laughing at my Buddha!)






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