Kate + Nate | The Wedding

Ahh… Kate + Nate.  Their names are great.  I’m so glad they had me save their date… I believe they each picked the perfect mate and to show you these photos, I cannot wait!

Okay, I’m done.  (maybe…).

These two are just about the cutest/sweetest couple there is out there to find!  Their ceremony was intimate & cozy at a familiar church a lot of my “family” go to (you know who you are!) called Laurel Hill Bible Church in Clementon, NJ.  Their reception was held at the GORGEOUSLY random Trump National Golf Club in Pine Hill, NJ.  I am always so confused when I am at this venue because it is seemingly invisible until you enter the gates of Narnia Road…(not really sure what the road is called but I’m convinced it’s a portal to another land)… then these winding hills swerve and bend you around the beautiful landscape of a wonderfully secluded wooded area and manicured golf course until you happen upon a massive and stunning building!  It’s really a breathtaking venue and (I think) one of South Jersey’s best-kept little secrets!  🙂

Katie was a gorgeous Greek goddess sporting her TOMS under her gown (awesome-sauce) and honestly, what more could a girl ask for on her wedding day besides great company, comfy shoes, and a hunk like Nathan gazing into her eyes the way you just know he will for the rest of their lives!  What more, you ask?  GREAT PHOTOS, of course!!!!

But seriously, get outta here with these two!  Such an awesome couple!  What a special privilege for us to have captured the many blessings of this sacred day!

Enjoy!  (I wanna say the Greek version of the Italian “manja”)……………..OPA!

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