Scannapieco Family | Christmas 2014

I had the privilege of spending a few hours with this beautiful family on Sunday.  This family’s Patriarch has been bravely fighting a battle with cancer as his family rallies around him.  His three daughters, who absolutely adore him, wanted to bless him and their mother with beautiful images of the gorgeous family he and the love of his life have created/raised, and I was honored to be part of their gift to their parents!

We got some typical family photos, but we also got a bunch of fun candids of everyone interacting and doing the things they do when they spend time together.  The little girl is their first grand-baby and she is obsessed with her pop-pop!  (I think the feeling may be mutual).

This is one of my favorite family sessions ever!  🙂  What an incredible family!  Enjoy.Scannapieco.0001-C Scannapieco.0004 Scannapieco.0007 Scannapieco.0009-C Scannapieco.0010 Scannapieco.0015 Scannapieco.0016 Scannapieco.0031 Scannapieco.0037 Scannapieco.0021-C Scannapieco.0024 Scannapieco.0028-C Scannapieco.0029-C Scannapieco.0038 Scannapieco.0039 Scannapieco.0040 Scannapieco.0042 Scannapieco.0046-C Scannapieco.0050-C Scannapieco.0053 Scannapieco.0056 Scannapieco.0059 Scannapieco.0062 Scannapieco.0063-C Scannapieco.0069 Scannapieco.0076 Scannapieco.0079 Scannapieco.0086 Scannapieco.0092-C Scannapieco.0094 Scannapieco.0099-C Scannapieco.0120-C Scannapieco.0123-C Scannapieco.0126 Scannapieco.0130-C Scannapieco.0141-C Scannapieco.0144-C Scannapieco.0155 Scannapieco.0159 Scannapieco.0163-C Scannapieco.0168 Scannapieco.0178 Scannapieco.0180 Scannapieco.0184-C Scannapieco.0199 Scannapieco.0203 Scannapieco.0208 Scannapieco.0225-C Scannapieco.0234 Scannapieco.0244 Scannapieco.0257 Scannapieco.0260 Scannapieco.0264 Scannapieco.0269






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