So, many of you may have heard this already, but I decided to enter the Shoot & Share Photo Contest this year.

I entered a total of 40 submissions (the max allowed! lol) which you can view here if you are curious!  There were a total of 21 categories and I hit most of them!

After submissions were closed, we were informed that 110,829 photos were entered world-wide!!!  That was a huge increase from last year’s contest which only had around 26,000 submissions total!  CRAZY!  Once I heard that number I was sure I was out.  There was no way I could compete with 111K submissions from all over the globe!  There are over 18,000 (many amazing) photographers in the facebook group alone!

It was still so fun to vote and see so much talent!  They did a great job hyping up the excitement as we moved through each elimination round!  I was shocked that I kept seeing my photos past the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th rounds…..

“Wow!” I thought, “How on earth are my photos getting enough votes to stay in this!  That’s amazing!”  I already felt such a confidence boost, knowing that I was being judged by my peers (and many photographers I looked up to!) and I was still seeing my own photos circulating!

Well, each round came and went and I was STILL seeing a couple photos here and there!  I was totally shocked!

Right around round 10, I received two emails, each asking for information on a particular image, wanting the specs with which I shot the particular photo and also the back story!  Who was your client?  What was the inspiration for the photo?  Where was it taken?  Was the location a place that was particularly special to you or your client?  “and most importantly, how did you serve your client with this photo?”

That’s what I LOVE so much about this community!  They are all about serving our clients well!  They stress it and encourage it at every turn and it falls in line so much with our mentality and our approach to our photography business!!!

It was indicated in this email that they wanted to gather information about those two photos because they were working on a separate project and would possibly like to feature my photos!  YES PLEASE!  Awesome and so humbling!  And they happened to pick two photos that had awesome back-stories which just made it all that much better!!!

Well, today marked the beginning of the end!  Round 12, the FINAL round!  Only 6% of the original 111K photos remain!  As of this morning, 20 MILLION VOTES had been cast!!!

So, I am still trying to process that ONE of my photos could have made it this far, but I have seen SIX of my photos in the running still!  I just can’t even believe it!!!

I can’t wait to see the results tomorrow!!!  AHHHHHHH!!!

Here’s my official badge once I made it into the top 10%:
2015 Shoot & Share Finalist Badge-3






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