We made it to the top 100!!!

YESSSS! At least ONE of our photos (again, won’t know how many until the very end) has made it into the top 100 of any given category.

There are 21 categories, so with 100 photos in each there would be 2,100 photos left in the contest. There were originally 110,928 photos in the contest…

…….so this means each photo of mine that has made it into this top 100 ranking is in the TOP 1.8% of all the photos submitted to this worldwide contest! WHAAAAAAATTTT?? That’s insane!

They’re announcing winners every day now, beginning with 20th place in each category and working closer to 1st place each day. Even if NONE of my photos have made it into the top 20 of any given category I already feel like I’ve won!

Top 1.8 percent. Whew. That is amazing!







Thank you!

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