A Non-Weeping Willow

Little Miss Willow was such a happy baby!  A little unsure of us, maybe, but weepy she was not!


Willow’s mommy is a friend of mine (Kristy’s AND Jason’s) from high school!  We have had the pleasure of photographing Willow’s parents’ Engagement Session and Wedding as well as many other family events!  One such family event was the birth of Willow’s cousin Charlie a few years ago where we took some photos of baby Charlie in this epic wooden bowl from their grandmom’s house that we just had to incorporate again with this session!
WillowNB.0007 WillowNB.0018 WillowNB.0001
Love her face in that last one!  The blanket she is laying on is actually her daddy’s from when he was a baby!

WillowNB.0012 WillowNB.0011 WillowNB.0021

The gown below is a family heirloom and the backdrop was a special wall-hanging mom just had lying around 😉


The baby whisperer working her posing magic…..
WillowNB.0049 WillowNB.0045The blanket Willow is sleeping on in this photo has such an adorable story.  Willow’s mommy has an honorary aunt (family friend) who has always made her custom PJ’s for holidays and unbeknownst to momma, this aunt has been saving scraps of fabric from these projects over the YEARS she’s been making them with the intention to “one day” make a baby blanket out of them!  HOW CUTE!!!  We were so excited to get some adorable photos of baby Willow blissfully slumbering on possibly the warmest (heart-felt) blanket ever crafted!  😉

And without further ado, we bring you our ridiculously adorable mermaid!
WillowNB.0035 WillowNB.0031 WillowNB.0037 WillowNB.0029 WillowNB.0026
Shut up with that last one.  Willow you please give me a break?

So, a few days later, I went back alone (well…. “alone” meaning without the baby whisperer, but with all 3 of my kids) to snag some shots of the whole family at a day/time when Dad was home from work to hop in!
South Jersey Newborn PhotographyDaphne the dog LOVED my son, Korben!  Perhaps a little too much!  🙂  The feeling was mutual!
WillowNB.0058 WillowNB.0061 WillowNB.0063I’m so glad we got to capture some of these with the whole family!
WillowNB.0064 WillowNB.0066 WillowNB.0067 WillowNB.0072 WillowNB.0073 WillowNB.0075 WillowNB.0076 WillowNB.0079 WillowNB.0080







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