Johanthony – A Longwood Gardens Engagement Session

I LOVE when couples have names (first or last) that just work together!  I’m going to make #johanthony a thing; you just wait and see!

Meet Johanna & Anthony!Doukakis.0087Yeah….. tell me they’re not the cutest!

I met up with these two at Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania for their engagement session because even though it was summer, Johanna wanted somewhat of a Spring feel to their photos, since their wedding will be in April of 2017.
Doukakis.0003Doukakis.0004Even though it was mid-June, throughout most of the park it looked like it could be March or April — brilliant idea on Johanna’s part — not surprisingly, though… considering that both of these cuties are STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS.   You know, whatever, NBD.
Oh, no, I didn’t feel inferior at all as I stood there pushing a button that some other brilliant engineer designed……………. Doukakis.0013 Doukakis.0015 Doukakis.0011 Doukakis.0012So, in an effort to mitigate the sting of my swelling hyper-awareness of the IQ differential in our little meandering triad, I suggested that maybe it would be cute if they hung from these trees…. Doukakis.0023 Doukakis.0024Throw me a bone here.  I needed to do something to bring these erudites back down to my level!  🙂  …..but somehow they made even this ridiculous request look so effortless and adorable.  That’s pretty much how the entire session went!  Unbridled cuteness!
Doukakis.0029 Doukakis.0030 Doukakis.0036 Doukakis.0035And then of course I’d say something witty and I get these adorably genuine smiles below:
Doukakis.0041Doukakis.0045 Doukakis.0047 Doukakis.0049 Doukakis.0052We took a little climb up into the Longwood Gardens Tree-House and fought off some squirrely kids to get this shot:Doukakis.0054…..and then took a little stroll through the path in the woods…Doukakis.0058Doukakis.0064Doukakis.0060Doukakis.0065Doukakis.0069Doukakis.0072Doukakis.0073Doukakis.0068Then stopped in the field as sunset was approaching to snag these beautifully back-lit shots…. Doukakis.0075(love) Doukakis.0079Doukakis.0081Then we stopped at the historical Pierce-du Pont House (built in 1730!) for these next few shots!  You can read more about this beautiful building at Longwood Gardens here!Doukakis.0082Doukakis.0087-2Doukakis.0091I challenged Anthony to channel his inner Casanova and he NAILED it!  Doukakis.0096Doukakis.0099You’d never know from the romantic intensity of these photos that there was a group of rowdy teenagers passing us at this very moment, singing and cheering them on!  #laserfocus  That’s what you get when you ask an engineer to get the job done!  What did you expect!??

So next, we made our way into the conservatory and the fragrance of these plants alone was utterly intoxicating.  Absolutely amazing!  It’s enough to make anyone feel like love is in the air!
Doukakis.0116……these plants were definitely feelin’ the love…..  just sayin’Doukakis.0112Doukakis.0103It just doesn’t get much more picturesque than this.  And look at Casanovanthony’s perfect dip!
Ten. Point. Oh.
Doukakis.0105 Doukakis.0106 Doukakis.0130 Doukakis.0126

This next picture is one of those ones they’ll have to hide from their kids until they’re well into their twenties… Because otherwise when their kids think they are ready to marry their current puppy-love interest at age 14 and Johanthony try to tell them they’re too young to know what love is, those kids will whip THIS photo out and say “BUT LOOK HOW YOUNG YOU GUYS WERE!”  They both just look so freaking adorable!
Just go ahead and try to convince little Liesl and Rolf that you weren’t 16 going on 17 in this picture!
Doukakis.0122 Doukakis.0121You know, I may be onto something.  Johanna casually mentioned that her dad is also an engineer who helped design many of the structures at Longwood Gardens and that they all visit the gardens frequently!  I think she even mentioned that he helped build one of the fountains…..  I think maybe (just maybe) this fountain he built could be the fountain of youth!

I’ll just leave you some time to reflect on that thought:
Longwood Gardens Engagement PhotographyAll pithy banter aside, I really had such an awesome time hanging out with these two!  I am so stoked for their Spring 2017 wedding!  Be sure to look back for that post when it comes!

Longwood Gardens Engagement Photography






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