A Lavishly Loved Little Luke

LukeNewborn.0019-3Little Luke is the youngest of three brothers!  We had the pleasure of photographing his brother Joey’s newborn session years ago and we have done many family and mini sessions ever since.  You can see his momma’s maternity session with him here but here is one of my faves of Luke while he was still on the inside!
Williams.0079I just love the focus on mom’s beautiful belly, but the fact that his brothers are off in the distance playing, anxious for his arrival!  As you can see (below) Luke’s big brothers (and his pup) are VERY interested in him!  I love some of these behind the scenes moments we shared with them!
LukeNewborn.0013Joey watching Laura wrap little Luke up in his swaddle!  Next we have Bailey (the pup) and Matthew, Luke’s oldest brother all up in the action!
LukeNewborn.0014 LukeNewborn.0015Don’t worry guys, the baby whisperer will convince him that he wants to do this!  🙂  That’s her spiritual gift (lol).
LukeNewborn.0020Cutest dinosaur I’ve ever seen!
LukeNewborn.0022We had a little upset that Laura worked out…. and since we’ve gotten feedback that people love behind the scenes shots, I took a few of our set up.LukeNewborn.0017 LukeNewborn.0016oh… I guess they were ready for me to get back to work….
LukeNewborn.0023 LukeNewborn.0019before afterWe got the next shot set up right away while baby Luke was sleepy!  Mommy did her homework for sure!  SO MANY CUTE OUTFITS!
LukeNewborn.0024Laura got him all set up, I got ready to shoot our first adorable image of Little Bruce Wayne, and…………………………………….. Bailey was pretty excited about it!
LukeNewborn.0025….womp womp.
That’s okay, apparently Luke thought it was kinda funny!
LukeNewborn.0028LukeNewborn.0030Right onto the next shot!  Love this next one, especially his hat!
LukeNewborn.0031LukeNewborn.0034Okay Bailey!  You want in?  The Baby Whisperer has accepted the challenge and has added “Dog Whisperering” to her repertoire.
LukeNewborn.0035LukeNewborn.0036LukeNewborn.0038Here are the ever-handsome big brothers!LukeNewborn.0040LukeNewborn.0043LukeNewborn.0044I can just see them now, plotting and planning all the ways to torture poor little Luke!  All kidding aside, these boys are SO excited to have a new brother in the house!!!
LukeNewborn.0047Moving right along to our next pose!  Mom picked out this nautical outfit and we had the perfect blanket to complement it!  It was the PERFECT shade of blue to match, it was also knitted (matching textures) AND it kinda looks like it could be waves!  We loved it!
LukeNewborn.0048LukeNewborn.0050LukeNewborn.0053LukeNewborn.0054LukeNewborn.0059LukeNewborn.0057Luke really wasn’t feeling this next pose and it kinda woke him up!LukeNewborn.0060LukeNewborn.0061LukeNewborn.0062“Luke, I am your father!”  (I had to do it!)LukeNewborn.0065LukeNewborn.0011LukeNewborn.0007LukeNewborn.0004LukeNewborn.0003LukeNewborn.0001LukeNewborn.0081LukeNewborn.0079LukeNewborn.0078LukeNewborn.0077It just wouldn’t be a proper newborn session with siblings included without a naked screaming baby shot.LukeNewborn.0067LukeNewborn.0075LukeNewborn.0071I’ll just leave you with this cute shot of these strapping young boys!






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