Kacy + Dave | The Proposal, Chestnut Branch Park

It’s not every day you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  When you are fortunate enough to be aware that that’s what’s happening while you’re still in the actual moment, it’s all the sweeter!  Today was the day my baby sister would say YES to the rest of her life with one of the most incredible men she has ever known!  A man who has adored her and loved her well from the very beginning of their friendship together, and most of all, a man who has open-heartedly loved my nephew as his own from before he was even born.

It’s not every day you get to document history in the making, let alone your own family’s history in the making!

Dave and I scoped out the best spot to do this so we would have great light earlier in the week and planned it all out as best as we could.  When he and Kacy headed out to dinner, he let me know and I grabbed my nephew Isaiah from Dave’s mom’s house and headed off to our special spot!

I prepped him for what we were about to do the whole way over!  I told him he was going to be the whole reason mommy was surprised (he loves scaring/surprising people) and that he had to be super quiet and wait until mommy sees him before he says “surprise!”  He did amazingly well, waiting oh-so-patiently for nearly 40 minutes on this blanket with me!!!!

nj-proposal-photographyAs soon as I knew they were on their way, we did one last run-down of what he was supposed to do and I ran over to my “station” where I hid under a bush with my ugly brown hoodie up over my head and made a little wall of leaves to hide my camera!   Even though I was pretty much invisible, Isaiah still knew exactly where to find me!  🙂
creepy-kristynj-proposal-photography-2In walks my unsuspecting sister.  She knew a proposal had to be coming any day now, but she had just been out to dinner and away from Isaiah for a couple hours and certainly didn’t expect to see him here on their post-dinner stroll!nj-proposal-photography-3 nj-proposal-photography-4

This is the exact moment she saw her baby sitting on a blanket in the clearing they just approached.  She was definitely confused!nj-proposal-photography-5 nj-proposal-photography-6 nj-proposal-photography-7

I told my future BIL that I thought it would be a good idea to write down all the things he wanted to say because I know that in that moment, a lot of things would be going through BOTH of their minds and they might not ever remember what was said!  This way, he won’t forget to say all the things he wants to, AND she will always be able to keep this super-special memento from this epic occasion!

Isaiah was chomping at the bit to bring his mommy her special gifts!  He did such a great job!  And let’s hear it for Dave who somehow accidentally matched all of their outfits!!!  He stole an outfit from Isaiah’s room right under Kacy’s nose and he may have known he would match Isaiah, but who could know that Kacy would end up wearing a shirt that matched Isaiah too!???    Thanks for making my job even easier, guys!!!nj-proposal-photography-8 nj-proposal-photography-9 nj-proposal-photography-10 nj-proposal-photography-13
Things are gettin’ real for Kacy, real fast! nj-proposal-photography-15 nj-proposal-photography-16 nj-proposal-photography-20 nj-proposal-photography-21
This kid cracks me up.  He still hasn’t lost track of his Clandestine Aunt Kristy creepin’ in the shadows!  nj-proposal-photography-22 nj-proposal-photography-23 nj-proposal-photography-24 nj-proposal-photography-25 nj-proposal-photography-26 nj-proposal-photography-27 nj-proposal-photography-28 nj-proposal-photography-29 nj-proposal-photography-30Mommy letting Isaiah check out the bling!  🙂  SO adorable!  He’s so excited that he was able to surprise her!!!
nj-proposal-photography-31Isaiah can’t believe Mommy still hasn’t seen me yet!!!
nj-proposal-photography-32He finally calls out to me and starts running for me.  Kacy STILL can’t see me even when she knows I’m there somewhere!!!!!!!  I didn’t realize how great of a hiding spot I actually had!!!nj-proposal-photography-33 nj-proposal-photography-34She finally spotted me!
nj-proposal-photography-35Surprise #2, her sister caught THE. WHOLE. THING!nj-proposal-photography-36 nj-proposal-photography-37 nj-proposal-photography-38 nj-proposal-photography-39Good Job Bubba!!!  We did it!!!!nj-proposal-photography-40 nj-proposal-photography-41 nj-proposal-photography-42
There’s that gorgeous rock!nj-proposal-photography-44 nj-proposal-photography-45 nj-proposal-photography-46And while mommy & daddy are having their moment, me and my little buddy snapped these ADORABLE shots!nj-proposal-photography-47 nj-proposal-photography-48We packed up all the stuff and headed back out back onto the path and back out to the parking lot.  I picked a “short cut” route that would put the sun in our eyes so that it would be harder to see SURPRISE #3 as we approached!  It wasn’t until actually pointed them out that she even realized it, but a bunch of their family and friends who were available last minute to pop on over were in the parking lot waiting for us when we got back!!!!
nj-proposal-photography-55SHE.  WAS.  SO.  SURPRISED!!!
nj-proposal-photography-49 nj-proposal-photography-50I can’t believe this beautiful woman is my baby sister!  1) because I can’t believe she’s actually 25 and engaged and 2) because she’s too pretty to share the same DNA as me!   🙂nj-proposal-photography-52 nj-proposal-photography-54 nj-proposal-photography-56 nj-proposal-photography-57 nj-proposal-photography-58Hugs from my mom!  The best hugs on earth 🙂
nj-proposal-photography-59 nj-proposal-photography-60 nj-proposal-photography-61That’s my hubby right there welcoming his new bro to the family, officially!nj-proposal-photography-62 nj-proposal-photography-63Warm embraces from her future MIL!nj-proposal-photography-64My mom certainly having a moment, watching her baby being congratulated by her BFF since basically the first day they met in 7th grade.  🙂nj-proposal-photography-65 nj-proposal-photography-66And if you’re wondering where everyone is getting the champagne flutes, my mom, the adorable little lady in her super trendy vest… yeah she’s the one who brought the bubbly to the public park!  lol.  Rebel.nj-proposal-photography-67 nj-proposal-photography-68I happened to catch the moment she looked at Dave and said “wow, THIS was a HUGE surprise! (everyone being there)  This is awesome!”
nj-proposal-photography-69 nj-proposal-photography-70 nj-proposal-photography-71 nj-proposal-photography-72Seriously look at this girl!  Look at that rock on her finger!!!!  Good job Dave!  You picked a good one!!!! (the ring AND the girl!)nj-proposal-photography-73 nj-proposal-photography-74 nj-proposal-photography-75The super-cute mommas keeping each other warm!
Alright alright, I guess I should snag at least one shot with the happy couple!  I have a HUGE heavy backpack on and a ton of equipment in my pocket, and I’m covered in leaves and dirt… but I gotta be in at least one right?nj-proposal-photography-77Thanks to tri-pods and timers!!!  Those are my 3 little nuggets in the front with Isaiah!  We’re missing a few really important people, but it was really so awesome that this many people were able to show up with little notice to come celebrate with us!  What an awesome experience!






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